AHCCCS(Medicaid) programs assist students like Ray Cruz: “I’m a full-time student at ASU, and I’m just trying to focus on school right now. If I had to worry about getting sick and needing to go to the hospital, that’s something else I’d have to put on my plate.”

Ray Cruz is a healthy 21-year-old studying at Arizona State University. But a few years ago, he realized how important it is to have health insurance even for healthy, young adults like him. He was 19 when he got sick and had to go the emergency room. He was given medication and then sent home. Three … Continued

Medicaid(AHCCCS) helps adoptive parents

Camilla Parker and her husband are the adoptive parents of three children. The family has private insurance, but it doesn’t cover all of their children’s medical needs, including their 14-year-old son’s behavioral health needs. Camilla’s children also have health insurance through AHCCCS. It covers what the private insurance doesn’t. That includes doctor check-ups, dentist appointments … Continued

Chronically ill children get coverage through Medicaid(AHCCCS)

For Brianna Huey, attending to her children’s needs has become a round-the-clock job with very few breaks. She spends her days making sure her two chronically ill children take their daily medications and attend their regular doctor visits. She spends days – and sometimes even weeks – in the hospital whenever her children get sick. … Continued

Medicaid(AHCCCS) helps working moms

Angie Garcia is a single mother of three children. She works for Adelante Healthcare helping families determine if they’re eligible for assistance programs. She works full-time but can’t afford health insurance. The good new is that her children have free healthcare coverage through AHCCCS, which she describes as “a blessing.” She uses the healthcare coverage … Continued

“If we didn’t have this health insurance, we’d think twice about going to see a doctor because it would cost a lot of money.”

AHCCCS(Medicaid) is a critical source of healthcare coverage for working families across Arizona. But its role is even more pronounced in rural cities, where poverty and unemployment rates tend to be higher. The Ojeda family lives in Nogales, Arizona, and have health insurance through AHCCCS. Elizabeth Ojeda said the insurance makes it possible for her … Continued

“If we didn’t qualify for AHCCCS, or for some reason Henry specifically wasn’t able to be on it, we would probably have to file for personal bankruptcy or choose between having a house and food or pay medical bills.”

Samantha Bailey was 26 weeks into her pregnancy when she and her husband found out their son, Henry, would be born with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It meant Henry would be born with a heart that only functions on the right side. Samantha and her husband decided to move … Continued

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Trump Administration Expands Availability of Junk Healthcare Plans

The Trump administration issued new insurance rules early Wednesday to encourage more Americans to buy inexpensive, skimpy health plans originally designed for short-term use. The policies will be available for 12 months at a time, up from a current limit of three, and customers will be able to renew them for additional years. The short-term … Continued

Study: Medicaid Expansion Leads to Higher Employment

People with disabilities are more likely to be employed in states where Medicaid coverage has been expanded as part of the Affordable Care Act. New research published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health found the number of people who report not working due to their disability has decreased significantly in states where Medicaid has … Continued

Many fear they can’t meet Medicaid “work requirements”

When it comes to her Medicaid coverage, Mary Ellen Guy feels like she’s living in limbo. The Greenville woman can’t meet the 80-hour work requirement — as it is most often called — because she cares for her parents, Anna and Harold Guy, who are in their 80s. Until two years ago, Mary Ellen Guy … Continued