“If we didn’t have this health insurance, we’d think twice about going to see a doctor because it would cost a lot of money.”

AHCCCS(Medicaid) is a critical source of healthcare coverage for working families across Arizona. But its role is even more pronounced in rural cities, where poverty and unemployment rates tend to be higher.

The Ojeda family lives in Nogales, Arizona, and have health insurance through AHCCCS.

Elizabeth Ojeda said the insurance makes it possible for her to take her two sons to their regular doctor checkups. It also covers their vision and dental appointments. Elizabeth is a stay-at-home mom. Her husband works full-time at a warehouse and has health insurance through the marketplace. But he doesn’t make enough money to afford a health insurance plan that covers the entire family.

“We’re barely able to afford our expenses with the money he currently makes,” Elizabeth said.

She added it’s likely she and her sons would go without health insurance if they didn’t qualify for AHCCCS – and that would affect how often they visit a doctor.

“If we didn’t have this health insurance, we’d think twice about going to see a doctor because it would cost a lot of money,” she said.


Sign the Petition to Protect Medicaid

Children’s Action Alliance believes protecting Medicaid funding shouldn’t be a partisan issue. And we believe Arizona’s Congressional Delegation should oppose any harmful cuts, block grants, and changes to Medicaid or plans such as the Graham-Cassidy bill aimed at cutting Medicaid and repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Children’s Action Alliance ask you to please sign … Continued

Evin Schwab gets critical therapy coverage through Medicaid(AHCCCS)

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KidsCare passes the House!

Great news about #KidsCare! The bill in the state legislature, known as #HB2127, that seeks to remove the trigger that mandates KidsCare be frozen, and possibly terminated, if the federal funding match drops below 100 percent passed in the House on February 8th! It now goes to the Senate, so stay tuned for updates.